In high school and college I studied ‘ologies’. There was sociology, psychology, geology, physiology you know. As I got older and started the journey of living there became churchologies, Scientologies, and I have forgotten what I am certain were others (like workology).
But one ‘ology’ stands out in my history that I did not study in school but that I have studied in living.

I call it faithology. It is the study of having faith.

I have faith in my own destinations. That the decisions I have made and continue to make carry with them an idea that faith connects to a real place. That what seems to be directionless one day, proves to be understandable the next. That one step forward and perhaps 2 steps backwards, eventually moves forward in the scheme of things.

This is faithology. One has to practice it to learn to believe in it. It does not always rely on a religion, but it does rely on belief. It is a practice that can accept challenge, and a determination to keep moving forward. For some it flies in the face of practicality, for others it seeks the end of the rainbow. For those who hang on to it the world contains many new treasures. The ocean without faith contains only water. Those with faith found new countries.

The perception of darkness, when challenged by faith, discovers the light.

It is not for everyone. It is the road less taken, and the impossible dream. It learns to swim by jumping in. It also becomes the never ending story. For the desperate and disenfranchised it becomes hope.

Faithology……Keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times.. dw



As I sit here, I am reviewing some of the writings of my life. There are words, and poems, and songs. There are tidbits and stories. It is hard to save them all and yet more difficult to destroy. I often reflect on how much of my life will be lost to the hazards of time?

Will we have made a difference as a result of the journey?

Will we have touched some people meaningfully?

I believe many of us ask these questions as we grow older.

Perhaps it is a question we ask should we ever become wiser.

I pray always that some will be saved.

And that the time has not been wasted.


Sitting at today’s open house I took a trip down memory lane. I stumbled across Gunsmoke and Bonanza for a break from the mundane on the tv at the open house. I grew up with Gunsmoke and Bonanza,The Lone Ranger and Mighty Mouse. I was impressed and amazed by these old favorites. I remembered the lessons. The good guys won. The bad guys lost. No one swore and people spoke with respect. It was not R Rated or preceded by a warning.
Today, at my age, I still say Sir and Ma’am. I try to respect the opinions of others and I expect the same. I felt that stirring of hope as I did as a young man looking forward, not necessarily the same feeling today’s news brings. How did I ever make it this far?
Probably because I learned from Matt Dillon and Ben Cartwright. I watched Bonanza with the Grove’s who had the first color tv in the neighborhood. We talked across a living room table and the phone didn’t interrupt Sunday night and I didn’t spend quality time texting. Dick Grove retired to his basement after the show to write thank you notes to the customers he had met the week before as a traveling salesman.
Please and thank you were ingrained in my spirit.
It is hard to keep those days alive today. It can only be done in your own corner of the universe. Share your memories of your growing up. Before Vietnam, before Desert Storm.
The majority of us turned out well because of what we watched when television was entertainment and it’s education undefined. Watch a few episodes of Andy Griffith.
Thank you.


Like a Child

Every day I receive the Daily Word, a small spiritual comment for the day in my email inbox. Today’s Daily Word (1-17-17) was on spirituality. At the end of each Daily Word comment is a Bible Verse that relates to the comment of the day. Today’s  bloggish stuff from me is based more on this Bible verse than on the comment.

When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; when I became an adult, I put an end to childish ways. For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then we will see face to face.—1 Corinthians 13:11-12 



I rarely comment on the Daily Word when I forward to relatives or friends but today is an exception.
A comment on today’s Daily Word: I would prefer childish ways, less negative, fewer concerns, more acceptance, less fear. Never forget childish ways, it keeps you young.
Enjoy the day.

This Day

This day is a great day. I am here. Many who I remember have passed away. Friends that I have long lost contact with. In that same time frame GOD has introduced others to fill in the gaps for life is a living and breathing existence. Today is always a gift. Yesterday was an education. Tomorrow is a dream, or a goal, and a purpose.

Enjoy this day always.