In my world of Unorthodox Christianity the lesson of Jesus that I feel comes from GOD is written from the cross.


I am certain that my two dogs are GOD’S chosen gift to me. They represent the very example of GOD who has given me free will. When I get frustrated in a moment of stress and get upset with them, they lie down a number of feet away for awhile. Soon after that ‘while’ they come and sit down bedside me and whisper “Forgive him GOD, he does not know what he is doing”. I can not help but ask their forgiveness and recognize that nothing is free of response. Everything has consequences. I consistently meet good and caring people to offset the influence of the bad. But I would have a different GOD if I believed in a GOD of retribution. That is not the example of my dogs. Nor is it the example of JESUS. I have seen too many examples of a loving GOD that jumps right in to help at a moments notice even if I did not have time to ask GOD for it.

If I were to fear anything from GOD, I would fear GOD leaving me.

The prodigal son was afraid that his father would desert him from what he had asked and done……..His father welcomed him for the son he thought was lost was found. (Luke 15:11)

It is written “GOD would never desert you, or forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:8)” . For me GOD is a force always at work preparing the Future for me as my life moves forward to embrace it. I do not ever wish to have to FEAR GOD’S wrath, I would fear GOD turning GOD’S back on me because I have failed to pay attention to the consequences as a result of my actions that disappointed the one who has given me so much to be grateful for.

UNORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY is about being forgiven by LOVE. By living my life knowing of GOD’S forgiving LOVE and concern for me. To me, there can be no such thing as a retributive ‘LOVE”. Retribution is a human emotion and subsequent judgment. If I suffer the judgment of human instigation for actions that I have brought upon myself, my advocate argues: “FORGIVE HIM GOD FOR HE KNOWS NOT WHAT HE HAS DONE”.

When I recognize that FORGIVENESS has to be MY COURSE or PRAYER, I recognize that GOD would not approve of what I had done and I pray “DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK ON ME”. I can choose a GOD whom I respect and do not want to disappoint, or I can selfishly embark on what I want to do to satisfy myself. I am too grateful to GOD for all GOD has done for me to ever fear GOD turning GOD’S Back to me.


Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.” (Psalm 23)



GOOD MORNING to a Tuesday

I look forward to the day to discover what it has to offer. I have pursued life over a bit of the west and have fond memories. My dogs, however, find themselves entranced by any great number of blades of grass. Would that I could discover all that can be discovered even in the most basic of GOD’s creation. I wonder what my life would look like in a slow motion video on the order of a time lapse video of a flower growing and then blooming. So much discovery just outside the door. Maybe I have been inside too much.      

Just a note from an observation I made many years ago, Persistence is a blade of grass growing up through an asphalt walkway.

Have a wonderful day.


Believing is not always seeing. The sense that spirituality brings to your senses allows you to tune in to all the spirits that connect with you periodically and time to time. If you do not believe that, you have not lost someone close, or a pet. That sense that I call HOME I wrote about in October. You can sense the spiritual presence without the physical presence manifesting itself. Animals know when you are in movement, home or away. They move to the door you normally walk in, sit down and wait. We place great emphasis on being well rounded. You can not be well rounded if you can not think outside the box. Spirits live outside the box most of the time…. Learn to be well rounded and you will blend well into Unorthodox Christianity.

Have a great day, and embrace the living.

A Tribute To Max

A house is not a home.
Home has a tail. It is different than just a house with a bed. You get used to seeing the tail wag and the little body run and grab a toy and bring it to you. You expect it, and anticipate it.
Home has an energy. It demands your attention and smiles, it seems no matter what.
Home requires patience and wants you to lean over and pet me.
Home chases the toy and won’t give it up.
Home loves. In spite of your attitude, your demeanor, your day at work, your bad mood, anger….
Home wants to distract you.
Home requires accountability.
Home is a mirror.
Home wants time.
Home has a water dish and a small mat by the front door.
Home is a face at the gate or in the front window.
Home is a face lick, and a unique stubbornness that says slow down, or speed up.
Home is furniture that moves by itself.
Home comes alive when you drive in the driveway, wakes up when you open the back door.
Home hears the treat jar and the refrigerator open up.
Home says please……and thank you.
Home tries to understand and wants you to be comfortable.
Home asks for nothing special and appreciates everything.
Home does not hate.
Home wags it’s tail at big dogs, little dogs, cats and children.
Home is the center of the universe.
Home knows when your sad and tries to comfort you.
Home thinks your mad at it when your really mad at something else. Home just wants you to be there. At home. Your never lonely at home. Home is a sacred place with treasures.
Home is where your heart is.
Home is where GOD hangs out.
Home likes little things…
Home goes with you when you take it.
Home makes any place home, and lights up wherever it is at.
Home is a place you want to get to, remember, and care about.
Home isn’t perfect. You can’t stay mad at home.
You miss home…….
dennis wheeler 10-28-14