Just what is Unorthodox Christianity? Where did it come from? For what purpose?

“Leave a little behind before you go.”

Unorthodox Christianity focuses on a lifetime of the results of Christian conversations with people from the churches I have attended, retreats I have been on, and my own observations in different forums from friends and neighbors, school to work to coffee. What I believe. I started this assemblage of my writings many years ago. For the most part it resides on notepads, music folders, Cd’s and others in boxes and folders, and corners of storage in my disheveled little world.  This internet forum became affordable and longstanding. As a result, on these pages is a part of me. I needn’t be my only fan, or critic. You also have notepads, cd’s, ideas.

I do more than just jot some religious or political philosophy down on my WordPress site. Today I spread a wing or two. Allow me this indulgence.


Years ago I wrote a song.
“All of the dreams I had as a young boy
Shot down in flames of a middle aged man……….
There’s Still time to dream the dreams..”

I realized how much of me rests in folders and on note pads and Cd’s like the writings of my Aunt Vera that she had accumulated over her lifetime. I wanted to share what I could of me and a logical forum became the internet. And with the internet came many forums for different elements for just who dennis c wheeler had become.

What has your dream been? To leave your story behind? To write that book or see your music on the web? Maybe build your own e-book or have a place to share your pictures or poems. Your family history? Too much of who we are doesn’t survive us. I have been trying to change some of that for myself as well as others. 

Maybe your music could be similar to:

Maybe that book in your head could be like: www.theearthexperiment.com

Maybe your personal philosophy could land on a blog like this one: 

Maybe a business venture like:


I have always wanted to be able to leave a little behind before I go. Find some permanent  home on the web to share what I have not had time to share with too many over the years of working and raising family. I have admired the forum that WordPress has created for soo many that I have read from in this forum and places like Newsvine, Facebook, Instagram and soo many others not to speak of what has yet to be developed. The web has allowed many of us to find a notepad or song or philosophy that doesn’t disappear into a folder in a filing cabinet forever.

All of us have stories to tell. Let me know if I can be of help. Contact me via any of the above, or here


Routine happens daily. Make the bed, clean a litter box, take dogs for a walk, say I love you, drive to work, open house, sit for a few hours, and on and on and you have daily. Sometimes the routine causes us to forget, or ignore.

We forget the friends that have meant so much, and why.
We rush past the roses, flowers, the light fog on the mountain.
Hurry takes the place of contemplation.
And then, one day, the routine becomes, “When did I get this old? When am I going to do _________? When did I change?”

The hurry does not create a longer life, often it creates a shorter one.
Hurry does not create happiness, more often it creates anxiety.
Hurry raises your blood pressure, causes frustration, and builds pressure just waiting to be released.

Pause this season and say thank you. Thank you for this morning, these friends, these people I see. Thank you for groceries, the animals who care about you, the people who have shared your life over the years and the gift of your mentors.

Though this is a powerful religious season in many venues, make your pause daily, for daily is numbered regardless of the hurry, and regardless of the routine. Make it special…..Daily.